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25 Activities for Kids During a Hurricane

This blog was created during Hurricane Matthew in October 2016 and now we're using it again for Hurricane Irma less than a year later! During hurricanes, you can be indoors due to rain bands days before the storm hits. That means you'll need plenty of activities, even with the power on, because you can't go outside and you can't escape to a bounce house arena because everything will be closed. We've researched ideas for hurricane family fun, and added more now that we're working through entertaining our young children during day 2 of Hurricane Irma with another two days until it arrives. These are ideas you can do without water and without power. We hope this lessens the boredom of keeping kids inside and safe during a storm or emergency. Scroll down for hurricane family fun!

1. Do art projects

2. Play games

3. Read books

4. Have a treasure hunt in the house

5. Letterbox in the house (Make clues or make a map that takes you on a scavenger hunt through the house. Make the clues for them, then have them do the clues for each other)

6. If you have a propane stove, have a tea party! Or pretend if you don't want to heat up water.

7. Write down the kids' favorite recipes and make a family recipe book

8. Pretend to go camping in the living room or in your safe room area

9. Play long car ride games in the house, like, "I spy, I spy something..."

10. Put on a fashion show.

11. Make musical instruments and then create a marching band or play instruments the kids are learning and make a rock video.

12. Play with balloons

13. Do science experiments or engineering with marshmallows and toothpicks

14. Make paper bag puppets and then put on a puppet show

15. Build something with blocks or Legos

16. Puzzles

17. Go on a trip and learn geography and culture...with a travel book

18. Activity books

19. Cook dinner together or make cookies

20. Track the storm on your hurricane grid. Print one before the power goes out

21. Help neighbors clean up their yards post storm, as long as its ok to go outside

22. Learn about hurricanes, geography of where the hurricane has hit, science behind them

23. Engineer a parachute with a shoe box, string, teddy bear or figurines, and a plastic bag

24. Head to the library before local branches close so you can get new and entertaining books to have on hand

25. Have a family talk: Go over the best part of their day, the saddest part of their day, and the funniest part of their day

26. Go over your family emergency communication plan

27. Clean and go through closets. Its a great time to organize and purge clothes and toys

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