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Escape Rooms in Jacksonville :: Our Mind Bender Escape Rooms Girl's Night Out Adventure

​Special thank you to Mind Bender Escape Rooms for sponsoring this post! Their sponsorship did not influence our opinions in any way.

It was a dark and stormy October night and the ghouls and goblins were after us...just kidding! But not really. It WAS actually raining. And the video that came on in the dark Ghoul Heist room that was filled with creepy haunted props told us that a woman was being chased by goblins and that she needed our help. When the door closed and the clock started at a 60 minute countdown, the seven of us went into action to escape.

And that's how our first experience in an escape room started! Last Sunday we visited Mind Bender Escape Rooms. I had no idea what to expect, or how the game worked to get us out, but being super competitive in nature, I was ready! "We HAVE to beat the record time," I declared at the entrance! I checked to see who we had in our group - a 3rd grade teacher, an AP teacher, our high school band drum major, a strength and conditioning coach, a mom and her middle school daughter, and me, who worked in the woods and was good with locks. We could do this!

Back in the dark room we set out with speed and agility (ok it was more like we bumped into each other and were scrambling around in the dark) to open things, knock on things, turn things over, and scream, "That HAS to be a clue!!! and Yassssss!!! We found a key!!!" It was so fun to see our friends work together, see their strengths come out, experience true teamwork, and laugh with the realization that the middle schooler schooled us in finding random things that were actually the clues. I had fun being the one to open the locks....from codes the others had found. As a side note, I had no idea there were so many different kinds of locks on the market!

We were good. We were MacGyver good... Oh, who am I kidding. We used up our clues in the first 30 minutes and were pleading with our Imp for more info. But did we get out? I'll never tell. Only the ghouls, our imp and the lady being chased know. But what I can tell you, is the Mind Bender Ghoul Heist room was a thrilling, nail biting and enthralling experience with tons of movement, thinking challenges, laughter, and fun and I wanted to do it again immediately in the next room! I am hooked, just like owners Sonya and Chris Ashton became when they tried their first escape room in Orlando. I can't wait to try another room. We'll definitely be back!

Mind Bender Escape Rooms is off Beach Blvd. right adjacent to Taco Lu. Each month they have a discount code so be sure to try the new The Ghoul Heist Room with 15% off discount code, "TREAT." They have four rooms to choose from. You can bring your corporate team, youth group, friends for a girl's night just like ours, enjoy date night, and have a unique birthday party experience. Tell them Fun4FirstCoastKids.com sent you, and let us know if you get out in record time!

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