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Father and THE PLAYERS Championship Golf 2016 Champion, Jason Day, is Just Like Us

We grew up playing golf and going to THE PLAYERS Championship and we were thrilled to be invited to media day for the 2017 tournament! Jason Day, 2016 champion, was invited to play in the celebrity classic on behalf of local charities. He hit the tee shot and then local celebrities vied for $10,000 in donation money by hitting the second shot on the green to the hole on the new 12th green. The celebrity closest to the hole won the money for the charity they represented. Jeff Lagaman, Curtis Dvorak-former Jaguars Jaxon De Ville mascot, and more putted as close as they could to the hole. In the end, it was Jeff Klauk who was closest and won $10,000 for Epilepsy Foundation for Florida, for the second time. Jason Day graciously donated $5,000 to each charity from his organization, The Brighter Days Foundation.

After the exciting contest, guests were invited to a Trasca and Co. breakfast overlooking the 12th hole for a question and answer session with Jason Day and THE PLAYERS director, Jared Rice. You can imagine how we two moms were melting, fanning our faces, and trying not to faint as we listened to him answer with his Aussie accent! Below is the question we asked and the answer that brought tears to our eyes. Jason Day, THE PLAYERS 2016 Champion and world wide celebrity, proved that alas, he a parent like any other, just like the rest of us.

Jason Day with Jeff Klauk, THE PLAYERS Charity Challenge, who won $15,000 for Epilepsy Foundation of Florida

FUN4FIRSTCOASTKIDS.COM: How do you balance your travel and practice and play and your family life with your two young kids, and have they started golf yet?
JASON DAY: Yes. That's an interesting one. So I was out in LA, so I have a bus, and I'm very fortunate. Like more so fortunate than most people, I'm able to actually take my family on the road. If I'm playing for like a hockey team or an NFL team and you go on the road, you can't actually take your family and have them with you. They can be there with you, but I'm -- it's weird because I'll be playing golf and I'll be playing competitively in front of a lot of people, then I go back home and I'm dad; know what I mean? You have to definitely have that balance.

Right now, Dash is four. He's turning five in July. My little girl Lucy, she just turned one back in November. It is difficult because you're sitting there -- and my wife is just -- she literally is the best partner I could ever ask for. She is tremendous, because I just sat there and wonder sometimes how women can actually do it because if the men had to raise the kids, there would be writing on the wall. I'd be like, okay, you can have pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I could not handle as much as the women. My wife is so good. She sacrifices so much for me to play well and for the kids, and she always puts herself last, which is just something so special to have.

Jason Day walking over to coach another celebrity on how to play their lie.

JASON DAY: Being able to have my family on the road, trying to balance -- like you said, trying to balance, it is a difficult part, but we just -- I was in LA, and right after LA, we got sick. Dash got sick, then he gave it to Lucy, then he gave it to me, and then I gave it to my wife, so we had ear infections and we had fevers, and even though we're sick, we're always -- you just feel so hard because you've got little Lucy, she's one. How do you give bloody medicine to a little one-year-old that doesn't like it; know what I mean? We're both sitting there frustrated, and we go through the exact same things as everyone else here in this room that have families.

You've just got to try and do your best. There's no right or wrong way of raising a child. You've just got to try and -- because they all come out different as you know, so you've just got to try to do your best and just go from there. Family always comes first, more so than golf or anything else.

Follow Jason Day at the 2017 THE PLAYERS Championship May 9 - 14, 2017! Click here for tickets and watch championship Sunday for Pink Out Sunday, #PinkOut4Donna where partial proceeds go to The Donna Foundation to end breast cancer.

We are a proud partner of THE PLAYERS Championship 2017.

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