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First Day of School Photos FREE Printables

​Monday is the first day of school for Duval County families and Tuesday is the first day for Clay County! We love seeing the first day of school photos!!! Our child care center started school last week so we just went through the first few days of school and the attempt at trying to get the best first day of school photos. We're here to tell you: don't sweat it, just enjoy the morning!

Some moms were disappointed because their child wouldn't wear the perfect outfit they had picked out. One wanted to wear something soft, which was a sports shirt and not dressy enough for the first day. I was thrilled that my daughter asked for pig tails for the first time ever. I tried to hide my excitement as I worked hard to make the perfect part, have it smooth on all sides, and be sure it was even at the same spot above each ear. Before I could run to get the camera she was already taking them out! I convinced her to keep them in for the shot, but alas, pig tails weren't really how she looked that day. She walked in with a nice part and hair hanging straight out on both sides, kind of like Pippi Longstocking, but without the braids or rubberbands....

My free spirited son, on the other hand, was much faster to get dressed! As a traditional nudist, he wanted to go sans shirt-no decisions, no struggling to get clothes on-bam! Only problem, you can't go nude to school. Nothing was soft enough, he didn't like any of the collared shirts and we loudly tried to explain our sides. The clock was ticking and he was trying to get his shirt off and I was trying to keep it on. I asked my two year old to pick out his own shirt and he brought a too small Thomas the Train pajama shirt. Explaining how that would be too hot for a FLORIDA FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, I managed to keep a soft red shirt on him and snap a quick shot, with his eyes closed.

Then there was my first day of school sign. Some people have small chalk boards that list their grade, their teacher, what they want to be when they grow up. My own sister had a printed sign that was FRAMED! Mom of the year to her already! Me? I asked my husband to run in and get a sheet of paper and a marker as we were backing out of the garage. I scribbled something and asked them to hold the wrinkled paper. Mom fail!!!

Don't forget there's the option to have mom and dad in the photo! Its a great way to remember what us parents looked like when our kids were this age. Great idea! If you can get up early enough and get dressed to be camera ready, go for it, for one day at least! If you're in your pajamas for drop off like I usually am, no worries. 

In the end, we all laughed about how our kids were asserting their personalities that morning, we made a chain of kids holding hands as we walked through the parking lot, and I stopped to enjoy the moment when they are so little and cute. It was my son's first day of school ever and I pictured all the days ahead of him, from fifth grade to high school to his first day of kindergarten. I've got some too sunny, eyes closed, mad look photos for Facebook, but in my mind I have the perfect photos of the memory of us walking through the parking lot and I'm thankful to have lived in the moment, if for only a moment.

So, take our free first day of school printable (we have four options below!) by clicking on the pdf link below the example, write in your child's name and the grade of your child, and let that be all the prep you need for the first day of school photos. It is fleeting and it most likely won't be perfect, but don't sweat it! Just enjoy the moment and make the memories.

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