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6 Ways to Make Money...Without Selling Anything!

If you've decided to stay home with kids...or even if you are working and have kids...money can be scarce! Kids are expensive! Some moms are great with starting their own business, working with direct sales, buying into a franchise. Other moms might not feel comfortable doing those things, don't have time to add another responsibility, or are just looking for a little spending money while staying at home. Others are looking for ways to save. A local moms group in Nocatee has provided tips and tricks for how to make money from home, without selling anything! We thought their ideas were great and we wanted to share. In fact, we've incorporated some of them in our home! Scroll down for 6 ideas to help you make money while raising kids.

1. Money Making Apps

This app seems a bit of a time sink, but I just earned $10.50 in one click and scan on my first try so I'm on board! Just download the app (use our referral code: ywqbprb) and unlock rebates for things you plan to buy. Or, if you've purchased them, then see if there was a rebate and unlock it. Or just take it with you and see what rebates are available and buy those things. When you buy them, just scan the receipt bar code and you get the rebate credited to your paypal account or an online account that credits you your choice of gift cards. So far this month we've earned $17.50!

2. Make Money From Home

-Sell Your Clothes on Poshmark
Poshmark is an app that allows you to post photos of your name brand clothing or accessories to sell them online! They provide you with a prepaid postage package once your item sells and you just drop it off at the nearest USPS. Great way to clean closets and earn some extra cash! You can shop for clothes at 70% off, too!

-Sell Children's Toys at Consignment Sales
There are a few local children's consignment sales around Jacksonville that occur twice a year. Clean out your closets, tag your items, and make some money! I usually consign once a year and make $150. I either save the money or purchase items for next season.

-Sell Children's Items and Household Goods on Swip Swap Facebook Groups
There are many local swip swap groups in Jacksonville: Swip Swap Jacksonville, Swip Swap Jacksonville FL, Swip Swap Jacksonville Furniture, Swip Swap Jacksonville Kids, Swip Swap Everything Jacksonville! Simply take a photo of your items, like kids toys and clothes, and post the photo with the price of your item and where you should meet (not at your home, but a public place). Learn the lingo like, EUC (excellent used condition) and cross posted (that means they posted it on another site and it could be sold there, too). You'll make much more than a garage sale, just be careful when meeting with the public.

If you're home with your own kids during the day, consider bringing in a child to sit for. This is a great way to bring in income by doing what you already do if you're a stay at home mom.

-Pick up Shifts with Shipt
Work with Shipt, the grocery shopping service! Get notices that someone nearby needs a shopper and if you have a babysitter, head to the store with the submitted shopping list. You get a percentage of the grocery bill and possibly tips! This allows you to work when you can...and get your grocery shopping done at the same time!

3. Shop Discount Stores
We live a stones throw to a grocery store, but it is so expensive! And much of the produce comes from California and spoils quickly. I hate having to get in our car, with two kids, but it kills me to pay so much for groceries! Here are some discount stores that can help you save money each week on groceries.

Shop the large discount stores for staple items like paper goods and toiletries.

Amazon Pantry has household goods, batteries, snacks and more that you can order online. You can purchase diapers and wipes at low prices, too. If you have Amazon Prime, the shipping is free! This method is worse for the environment, in our opinion, but a great way to save!

I know, I know, I try to avoid Walmart, too, but they do have great produce and the prices are cheap! Get bulk size meats at a discount. Also save money on paper products and cleaning supplies.

-Freshfield Farms
By by Publix Subs and hello $2.36/lb ground turkey!!! Shop Freshfield Farms for produce and meats at huge discounts! There are no name brands here or advertisements-just fresh produce, much of it local, and meats that the store purchases at bulk for discounts. You can get a pound of salmon for $7.49 and five boneless chicken breasts for $5.50!

We enjoy shopping Aldi, which has great prices! Much of their produce is organic, too. Beware that you have to pay to use a cart so have change on you because you don't want to carry the kids and groceries! Also beware that you need to bring your own bags or be prepared to purchase a bag at checkout.

-The Fresh Market
If you can remember, The Fresh Market has meats on sale on Tuesdays. You can get $2.99/lb chicken breast, $2.99 ground beef, and other $2.99 specials. 

-Farmers Markets
There are many local farmers markets with fresh produce and great prices. Check one out for great deals and a fun time for the kids! Click HERE to find the local markets in Jacksonville!

4. Couponing

We don't really coupon, but some people are amazing at this!! They can get their grocery bill down to $5! Show me your ways, oh wise one! It seems like when I try to coupon I'm buying things I don't need so unfortunately I buy things full price. I do go for the buy one get one free specials, though! We're no experts, but our moms group had advice for how to coupon. Please comment below to share you mad couponing skills with other moms!

-Newspaper Coupons
Find coupons in the local Florida Times Union, then purchase multiple copies of the paper to get more coupons. This works especially well for Sundays!

-Target Cartwheel App
Get the app and look for coupons on items you use. Also look over the Target sales cycles, printable coupons, ads in newspapers, and find the times when they offer gift cards if you buy two packs of diapers. All these add up!

5. Create a Budget

We've never had a budget. We NEED a budget, which must be why there is an app with that namesake! It seems like online budget sites don't work for us because my husband doesn't use it or we never go back and update the categories each month. However, some people swear by it! Type in your monthly bills, your budget for food, clothes, extras, and savings then try stay within that budget. Here are some websites our moms group suggested: Good Budget‚Äč and You Need A Budget.

6. Just Don't Spend Money

Ok, this sounds easy...or hard for many...but just don't spend money! Pick two days per week and try not to buy anything. Don't go to the mall, don't go to the grocery store, and pick free things to do with the kids. Its a great way to save money and we have a list of 100 FREE things to do with kids in Jax to help keep them occupied! Try to extend those days and see if it helps you save. 

What are your tips and tricks for saving money? Please comment below so we can learn your ways. We hope these ideas help you make money for your family. We know every bit helps! 

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Guest - tina on Thursday, 05 January 2017 21:21

Couponing is all about matching stores sales to coupons. There are tons of apps, websites and even fb and ig groups that do all the matching for you and all you have to do is clip or print your coupons and go shopping! Email me if for recommendations of groups to follow for more info

Couponing is all about matching stores sales to coupons. There are tons of apps, websites and even fb and ig groups that do all the matching for you and all you have to do is clip or print your coupons and go shopping! Email me if for recommendations of groups to follow for more info
Guest - Kim Belyea on Thursday, 05 January 2017 22:00

I'd love know the groups. I'd love to be added.

I'd love know the groups. I'd love to be added.

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