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I Have A Lump : : A Local Mom's Journey to Prevent Breast Cancer

Guest Blogger, Meg James

My sister, Kristen, called me exactly a year ago, this time of year. "I have a lump", she said but as the type of positive person that she is brushed it off by saying, "I'm sure it's nothing". My mom was in town visiting and we both were concerned right away. With our family history, how could it just be nothing?

Although we both love holidays, she has a really funny way of celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness month. On October 1, 2015 her doctors called and confirmed – yes – it was ductal carcinoma.

After talking with her frequently through her mastectomy and treatments it became very apparent to me that 1 – I needed to do anything I could to avoid this for myself and 2 – I was probably next. My super supportive husband, Logan, agreed immediately so I set out on my journey to a prophylactic, bilateral mastectomy.

Sitting here 10 days after the surgery, I am so excited to report that all has gone so well and the pathology report came back today showing no signs of cancer in my body tissue.

We have all followed Kristin's amazing journey of courage, support and trials and know the hard, lumpy (pun intended!) roads that she has traveled down. One year later, she has asked me to share my story of prevention, too. You know, we have always been close despite having 11 1/2 years of age and about 7 states in between us, but this experience of breast cancer awareness and prevention have turned us into breast friends.

More to come on my prevention resources, the overwhelming support that I received and the details of the surgery itself!

Read Meg's next blog post at Stop the Cycle Blog, where you can also sign up to follow her on social media. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in the month of October.You can participate in Breast Cancer Walks and other fundraisers by visiting our calendar for the schedule HERE. Please share your experiences with breast cancer or breast cancer prevention with other moms by commenting below. 

About Meg James:
Meg is a local mom of two young boys and wife to Logan James. She is a stay at home mom and founder of local moms group, The Real Housemoms of Nocatee. The group has grown to 1,000 moms in only a few years in the third fastest selling community in the United States. Meg is the director of this large group of volunteer moms who schedule play groups, moms nights out, volunteer events, meals for moms when babies are born or undergoing a major life event, and more. She is a shining leader in the new community of Nocatee, bringing together families, welcoming those new to the community, and creating an atmosphere of care. It is in Meg's time of need that the community has been proud to come together to help her and thank her for all she does for the Nocatee moms.

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