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Laundry with Kids in 30 Steps or Less

I used to have a job. I was responsible for things. I lit things on fire while riding a horse and communicating by radio. I was responsible for maintaining and driving a 300 gallon fire engine to wildfires for goodness sake! I worked well with people, I was a normal part of society. Now, you might wonder? Now I have two children under age four. And this winter it took me an hour to fold one load of laundry. ONE set of towels, clothes, and washcloths. One. How, how could that be, you ask? Well, here's how it all went down, in 30 steps or less.

1. Get the laundry out of the dryer, place said laundry on couch.

2. Serve breakfast.

3. Attempt to locate kids to serve them breakfast.

4. Kids are occupied playing, so start folding clothes.

5. Push cozy, sleeping cat off warm, clean clothes. Attempt to remove cat hair.

6. Fold 5 shirts and stop to climb after toddler going up stairs.

7. Back downstairs, fold two washcloths.

8. Said toddler goes pee pee on floor (I air him out after being in diaper all night).

9. Clean up pee pee and find 3 year old who is ready for breakfast.

10. While administering waffles, toddler is pointing and yelling for me. There's poop.

11. Clean up poop and get diaper on toddler.

12. Go back to clothes, 3 year old wants to play stickers.

13. While playing with stickers toddler has begun to throw folded laundry on the floor.

14. Pick up laundry. Notice cats are fighting.

15. Feed cats and give them water. Notice cat puke. Clean that up.

16. Toddler is pulling on my legs to be picked up. Nurse toddler who is the process of weaning. Ok, he's cute.

17. Glance over at laundry.

18. Try to finish laundry while trying to prepare for a trip to the park. Ask 3 year old to find shoes.

19. Say only people who have shoes on get to go to the park.

20. Stop and fix 3 year old's shoes that are on the wrong foot.

22. Look all over for jacket for 3 year old.

22. Help with jacket and start to zip up jacket. Notice screaming. Unzip jacket so she can do it.

23. Fold the last clothes.

24. Ask 3 year old to put her clothes IN HER DRAWERS, and not on the bed.

25. Find the clothes on her bed and put them in her drawers.

26. Tip toe through bedroom so as to not wake sleeping husband, put our clothes away.

27. Sprint through the house to tidy up, put toys away, clean up breakfast, but definitely NOT wash dishes, grab snacks, fill up water bottles, finagle shoes on toddler, finagle jacket on toddler.

28. Sit down to rest. It took an hour, but it's done!!! Start to get kids in the car.

29. Ding! The next load of clothes is dry... 

30. See step 1.

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