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Local Jacksonville Mom Receives Wrong Number Text About A Sick Chicken, Hilarious Text Exchange Unfurls

​We've all seen the wrong number texts. Some end in funny stories, others end in invites to Thanksgiving! Well, it seems as though this local Jacksonville mom has been waiting all her life for this very moment because she was prepared for the text she received yesterday! "Earlier today I got a text from a wrong number. I've been hoping this would happen to me one day. Pictures of the exchange in the comments in case you need a good laugh 😂😂." We thought it was "clucking" hilarious so we had to share! (Full Disclosure: No chickens were harmed in the making of these texts!)

How could she have gotten so lucky as to have received a wrong text of this epic proportion! She is armed and ready for it as she posts the following photo within two minutes!

And bam, another photo of a chicken dressed in a black leather jacket! Those poor sick chickens!!! Where does he live-we want chickens and a chicken lady, too!

At this point there is a pause. He's probably gathered his co workers to check it out. He's getting suspicious.

Now he's onto her...and playing along! "This is not Chelsie is it? Lmfao"

He likes the puns!! LOL The next text is letting Pete know that he's been posted on social media. "And I maaaaay have posted the chicken exchange on Facebook. Sorry if you get random texts!" How many texts did he get yesterday we wonder???!!!

So he needs a new name to hide his phone number. How about, "Pete Chicken Guy!" He likes it! And all's well that ends well...but her clucks are numbered!!

Thank you, "Pete Chicken Guy!!" You made our day by playing along and thank you to the local Northeast Florida mom for sharing! We hope this happens to you again!! We know you'll be ready-keep us posted. And to Pete Chicken Guy, we sincerely hope you find the real Chelsie and that your chickens get well soon.

Updated 1/27/2017: 1:00pm

And she's back! Local mom let's Pete Chicken Guy know he is part of a blog! This is his response: 

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