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Mom's Massage :: How to Get an Hour of Relaxation

I was in the middle of working, preparing for TV segment contributions, thinking about holiday shopping…I could NOT stop for a massage! I had dishes in the sink, clothes to fold, phone calls to answer, and I should have gone online to update my credit card for my son's new soccer billing program a week ago. I am a mom and my kids need me to have things done and ready to go. I just couldn't take the time out for myself! But Andrea, with Root 2 Crown Bodywork, kept calling me, "When are you available for your massage?" Then, "You still have an open offer for a massage, you know!" After a couple of weeks of putting it off, since it was technically work and all, I went ahead and made the reservation. "I'll just do 30 minutes," I thought. But Andrea immediately emailed and said, "Do you have time for 90 minutes?" "Absolutely NOT," I thought. "Yes," I wearily replied…

I mumbled to my husband, "I'm going for a masghidghdjg," so I wouldn't get caught relaxing while there were crumbs to sweep up under the table, a pile of mail that I needed to go through and recycle, and toys on the porch I needed to put away and I jumped in the car, making phone calls the whole way there. As I stepped across the entry way, I was so thankful I had made the decision to try my first ever massage. Crossing the threshold was like leaving a fast moving world behind and entering a slow moving, peaceful other world dimension. Up the stairs in the building overlooking Gooby's Creek, literally in the tree tops of the creek (and across from Wicked Barley Brewing Company, I might add), the lights were dimmed. Essential oil diffusers were going with relaxing scents. Soft, Tibetan style music was lightly flowing across the room like ocean waves gently splashing. In this space, my stress level dropped and I left all the worries behind. Andrea met me at the door to welcome me to the space, shared by 4 massage therapists. She had almond eyes and dark black hair and a peaceful and understanding demeanor. Being a mom herself, she connected with the stress I carried. She was like a Hawaiian goddess sent to me to help me accept that it was ok to take some time for myself to relax. With her guidance, I was able to take some time for peace.

After giving me a tour of the relaxing space, a mesmerizing few minutes of staring at the flowing creek, and watching the sleeping raccoon in the tree knob right outside her window, she began to explain the massage. You take your clothes off so the massage is easier to do, but I brought running shorts so I could feel more comfortable. She left the room so I could change and I climbed onto the most fluffy bed that must have had a blanket warmer. The sheets were soft and the face rest was a pillow of clouds. With no three year old nasaly breathing in my face with legs draped over my head like nights at home, I was pretty sure at that point I would never leave. Just me, quiet, warmth and the softness. If this was all it entailed, a soft bed with flowing music and the creek passing by with candles and essential oils burning, I was sold.

But that was not all. Frankincense was the first oil rubbed on my back and it was allowed to soak into my skin. The massage started with more oils and working at my feet, my toes, my heel. I had no idea that you massage feet, or that my feet needed so much work. The massage worked up my calves and into my quads. There is a muscle that runs from the legs to the glutes to the back that afterwards she said was very tight. I could tell because there was a lot of work on my back. The neck and head massage was strong and felt very releasing. She later asked me to drink a lot of water because there were many toxins released from my neck. I could feel them streaming down my neck as she said it.

Next I turned onto my back and she worked on my arms, more of the back of my neck, the back of my head, and my face, including my jaw. She added peppermint oils to my neck and it was so minty sharp it cleared my nasal passage and I could feel it enter my lungs making everything clean and clear. After finishing with the tops of my legs and more of my feet and toes, it was time to, "wake up." I didn't want to leave the bed, the relaxing room and the swaying music. But I got up prepared to re enter the real world of my iphone, house work, and business. And became determined to help other moms achieve this relaxation. 

Andrea, with Root 2 Crown Bodywork, offers 60 – 90 minute massages on Baymeadows Road/Goodby's Creek. Her specialties include theraputic, Swedish, deep tissue, pregnancy, and aroma technique. If there is any time in your day, maybe you have children in school at the same time for a couple of hours in a day, maybe your spouse has offered you a few minutes to yourself, I highly recommend a massage. Whether you have an old injury or just need to relax and let out some of your own toxins, it is worth the efforts. Massages are only $75 per hour, but if you mention Fun4FirstCoastKids.com you get $10 off! Plus, you can become a monthly member and massages are discounted to $67.90/month and that includes an upgrade, like a free 30 minutes, hot stone massage, or aroma therapy. Thank you to Andrea for the complimentary massage. I so appreciate you wanting me to experience your gift of massage and wanting to share it with other local families. For more info on Root 2 Crown Bodywork, visit Andrea's website, here.

This complimentary massage has not influenced my opinions in this blog.

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Guest - Heather Zier on Wednesday, 20 December 2017 23:42

Andrea Fields is absolutely AHHHHH.....MAZING
I have had a 90 min massage myself and I left feeling better than ever. She is truly amazing.

Andrea Fields is absolutely AHHHHH.....MAZING I have had a 90 min massage myself and I left feeling better than ever. She is truly amazing.

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