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New Mom Bar Opening in Jacksonville!

JUST ANNOUNCED!!! A new franchise of daytime wine bars that includes childcare, called, "Mom's Cheers," will be opening TWO new locations right here in Jacksonville!! Moms can look forward to a cozy atmosphere where you can interact with each other and educated wine connoisseurs! The bonus we're looking forward to: your children will be cared for in an adjacent room, separated by a two-way mirror, where you can watch them interact with each other in a safe and fun environment! They can even play with hypo-allergenic puppies!

Overindulge? No problem! They keep a van on site with forward and rear-facing car seats, booster seats, and juice boxes, with a side of goldfish, energy bites, veggie muffins, and a wide array of children's music CDs and streaming videos of children opening boxes on youtube.

Locations are currently planned around St. Johns Town Center and Durbin Crossing!

While we do apologize for the nature of this joke, it is, after all, April Fools Day! Be a good sport and pass it on...see who you can fool!!!

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Guest - Beth on Saturday, 01 April 2017 12:35

Lol Good one! Of course my first thought was drunk moms driving their kids home!

Lol Good one! Of course my first thought was drunk moms driving their kids home!

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