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The My Gym Jacksonville Experience

With two kids under age 4, I'm a kids play gym and mommy and me class connoisseur. I've been to that music class, I've been to that other type of music class, we've hit all the library story times, and we do the open gyms where the kids zip off so fast you must end your conversation mid sentence and run with your baby in the front baby carrier to grab your toddler who is hanging upside down on the trapeze about to drop head first into the foam pit. Some are educational, some are open play, some are social classes, some work on coordination. They are all helpful in their own way, some are good, some are ok, some are great. Well, we visited My Gym Jacksonville on Beach Boulevard last fall and we hit the jackpot in children's classes! In our 4 years of chasing kids through obstacle courses, grabbing crying kids out of busy bounce houses, and singing cheerful children's songs for an hour, My Gym Jacksonville combines the best elements of all children's classes and combines them into one, adds mommy socialization, always updates their classes so mommy and me are not getting bored, and has programs for all ages. We want to share our experience below!

WHO: My Gym Jacksonville on Beach Boulevard
OWNER: Spring
WHAT: Mommy and Me Classes, Kids Zumba, Kids Night Out, Birthday Parties, School's Out Camps, Holiday Parties
WEBSITE: www.mygym.com/Jacksonville
EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
PHONE: (904) 223-4966
FACEBOOK: @MyGymJacksonvilleFlorida
INSTAGRAM: @MyGymJacksonville


What They Do
My Gym offers mommy and me classes starting at six weeks through their age 12 zumba and cardio kids programs. Their programs improve strength, balance, fitness, coordination, and motor skills for young kids. Since everyone gets a free trial class we tried out the Waddlers Class when my son was 14 months old. My child entered the door and was off to the races interested in climbing on all the fun gym equipment. At that point I thought, "Ok, fun climbing stuff, this is right up our alley-we know this." But the class hadn't even started yet. My Gym isn't just open gym with climbing equipment. Each portion of the class has a meaning with a defined learning skill behind it and as the class goes on, it gets more and more amazing. The activities started with circle time.  Circle time wasn't just circle time. It was music, singing, warm up, and stretching. The next part of the class was the swings component. This taught them balance and to play with a friend and it was amazing what the staff built and set up for the swings component. One moment there was an open circle, the next parents were swinging their children from swings that the staff slyly attached down from the ceiling, gym mats were built into a low hanging swings that slowly swayed, and even a zipline type swing was going across the room with one child at a time. It was spectacular! 

Then there was a free play component where the child got to choose their fun, from a ball pit (with each ball cleaned one by one daily by the way!), climbing, rolling, and more. This was my son's favorite section and he immediately went back to walking up the incline and sliding down the slide. Free play was followed by social time where teddy bears were set out in the middle of the group. Parents were able to step back and let the children be in the middle to play with the bears, share, work out sharing, and show and tell about their animal.

Following social time there were bubbles, following bubbles there was gymnastics, and the fun went on and on with great, synchronized music and excited, helpful coaches. I couldn't believe the activity, the learning skills, and the fact that the amazing class would be updated each visit so the skills change and grow. It was a class I had never experienced before with the planning, activities, and carefully measured fun!

 b2ap3_thumbnail_my-gym-photo-5.jpgCoach Amanda in gymnastics instruction on location at the Fun4FirstCoastKids.com Halloween in Hemming Park!

How Are They Different Than the Competition?
My Gym Jacksonville is different in so many ways that this location won best franchise for My Gyms throughout the nation in 2014! They are the cleanest facility in Jacksonville in that they vacuum and clean the water fountain after each class, they clean the ball pit daily, and they use natural, essential oils for cleaning the equipment. So you don't have to worry about your kids picking up germs here. Holidays are great fun with major decorations for each season and themed parties like Cocoa with Santa. Kids Nights Out are a great time for the kids as they play games, test the coaches, and apply their skills while the parents enjoy a special date, at a price cheaper than getting a babysitter and pizza is included! Everything is detailed here so your kids are safe, having fun, and learning along the way. 


Above Photo: My Gym circle time on location at Fun4FirstCoastKids.com Picnic in Hemming Park.


What Did My Gym Jacksonville Do That Was Great?
My Gym Jacksonville has amazing staff. They are organized, bubbly, and always smiling. They have worked with kids for many years, know how to talk to kids, and know how to make them smile. It was unbelievable how the staff was able to coordinate circle time, transition to the next portion of the class, build swings, operate the zipline swing, and keep the kids and parents happy and in order. I was in amazement the whole class wondering how they did it! Lots of coffee maybe? They also have a certain ratio of coaches to kids so when there are more kids in the class, there are more coaches for personal attention. 

What Did My Gym Jacksonville Do That Was Bad?
If your child has never been in an organized class, they may not understand circle time on the first go. They may be the child walking around wanting to climb and not follow what others are doing...like my child! But don't worry, they will be able to follow along after a few weeks of classes and learn that circle time is time with their parent and there is time for climbing, too. Nothing to the negative about My Gym Jacksonville, just inserted so as not to be discouraged if your child sticks out like a sore thumb in the first class!!! Only other bad thing, no child wants to leave My Gym!!! LOL

b2ap3_thumbnail_my-gym-photo-6.jpgAbove Photo: My Gym Jacksonville on location at Fun4FirstCoastKids.com Halloween in Hemming Park...with the shark, skeleton, and spiderman!

Who Is The Ideal Person for My Gym Jacksonville?
The My Gym Jacksonville Mommy and Me class is perfect for moms, dads or caregivers at home during the day. It allows you to meet other moms, introduce your children to other wee ones, and helps the children become advanced in coordination, socialization, and motor skills. Many of the kids in the class were on higher coordination levels because they had been in the class so long! Working parents can also take advantage as classes are offered all throughout the day. Dads will love the class, too, and be amazed at watching the climbing and play their little ones can do, so bring dad to the trial class, too! Lastly, those looking for schools out and spring break/summer camps will love My Gym Jacksonville. Their child can be active throughout the day and enjoy a fun time with the bubbly staff.


Where Can You Find My Gym Jacksonville?
Be sure to mention FUN4FIRSTCOASTKIDS.COM for 50% off your lifetime membership fee!!! You can easily register for a trial class and get 60% off your registration fee by clicking HERE!


For more information on Mommy and Me Classes, visit our website's Programs and Classes Section! If you would like a product or program to be reviewed, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In full disclosure, My Gym Jacksonville is a sponsor of Fun4FirstCoastKids.com. However, anyone can take a free trial class to test out My Gym, too!

 My Gym Jacksonville on Beach Boulevard is a valued sponsor. My opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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