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Top Halloween Costumes 2017

Kids are back in school, which means it's fun to start thinking about Halloween costumes! If you're like me, you tend to wait until the last minute to make your costume. Or if you have kids, they change what they want to be every other day. But regardless of whether you plan ahead or wait until the last minute for costumes, its fun to look for ideas! Below we've put together a fun list of Halloween 2017 costume ideas for families, from babies to toddlers to outfitting the whole family. 

Now, we're in Jacksonville, Florida so our Halloween costumes can't be too hot, and we're biased towards local fun, but these can be used far and wide! With the help of friends and internet research, we present to you our Fun4FirstCoastKids.com picks for Top Halloween Costumes 2017! Scroll down for fun!

Character Costumes

​1. Moana
Our kids have watched Moana over and over and over again! We would love this as a Halloween costume. And you can get the entire family involved with Moana's mom, dad, grandmother, and dress up your dog as her rooster, Hei Hei!! Design a wagon as a wayfinding boat, and you're all set!

2. Princess Poppy
Another popular movie of the year that we watched again and again, especially this summer when it went on Netflix! The kids can be Princess Poppy or Branch and sing all the songs throughout the trick or treating journey! 

3. Wonder Woman
The biggest summer block buster, little girls far and wide are excited about being super heroes this October, especially Wonder Woman!

4. Paw Patrol Characters
Our kids love Paw Patrol! And girls can get in on the action, too, by dressing up as Skye or Everest!

Baby Costumes

5. Raccoon
This one we love, well, just because it is so adorable!

6. The Mouse from If you Give a Mouse a Cookie
Such a cute idea for a beloved children's book! We also love this because you can grab some mouse ears, make a cookie with felt, and throw on some overalls and you are good to go for an easy costume!

Mouse from, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie."

Homemade Costumes

7. Solar Eclipse Viewing Kids
Just grab a pair of your eclipse glasses, and wa la! You have a costume based on the biggest phenomenon that swept the entire United States! Everyone will recognize your pop culture costume and give you a high five for thinking of it!

8. A Solar Eclipse Sun and Moon
Dress up your kids as a moon and sun and have them walk in front of each other and you have a fun costume!!

9. Witch
The classic witch is an easy costume to make! Make a witches hat with black poster board, grab some scary fabric and tulle from the fabric store, and sew something together or make a design from a pattern. My daughter loved making this with me! I thought it could have been better, but she was so happy I made it for her!

10. Pirate
Grab a bandanna, find some thrift store black and white shorts and make scraggly strips in the bottoms, and grab some accessories from the store, and wa la! You have a cheap home made pirate costume! The kids will love saying, "Give me yer candy, matey!"

11. Pajama Costumes
I have to admit - one year I used my son's pajamas for a costume! But kids can be picky about itchy costumes, or if they can't sit down in them, etc. This Batman pajama set was so soft, we went with it! Try this with other super heroes, Thomas the Train pajamas, princess pajamas, or the classic skeleton pajamas!! We won't judge!

12. Cheerleader and Football Costumes
If you have a cute cheerleader costume or kids Jaguars jerseys, throw those on! Everyone will understand the cute outfits double as a costume! With so many Halloween events to attend, some days throwing on a cheerleading outfit is the easiest way to go!

Solar Eclipse viewing kid
Handmade witch costume, pirate costume, and pajama costume from home!

Preschooler Costumes

13. Cookie Monster
Everyone loves this friendly monster! And how easy is this costume! Another sewn on coolie and eyes with blue jacket and blue pants.

14. Bumble Bee
These costumes are easy to find at the local costume shops and so fun for wee ones!

15. A Tub of Popcorn
We thought this one was so cute! I'd love to dress up my son in this, if he would keep it on!

16. Sweet Pete
Everyone in Jacksonville loves Sweet Pete's Candy, what a cute idea to dress up as him! All you need is a lab coat decorated with the classic Sweet Pete's red and white colors, candy, of course, and don't forget Pete's messy hair!! 

Cookie Monster and little bumble bee
Popcorn costume
This little Sweet Pete is so SWEET!

Family Costumes

​17. Pee Wee Herman
We just found out that our sister site in the pan handle, Fun4EmeraldCoastKids.com, LOVES Halloween. And we can tell! Love their Pee Wee Herman family costume! Too funny!

18. Delivery Driver Family
Again, Fun4EmeraldCoastKids.com put together a fun family costume. They've got all of the gear and the wagon incorporated for the delivery car! And we're sure they were pretty popular with those sandwiches in the back! I'd like a turkey sandwich, please, hold the onions!

19. Pirate Family
We love how the Stephens family dressed up together! And the baby as the old pirate is too cute! This is a fun and easy costume for a family!

Pee Wee Herman Family. Photo: Fun4EmeraldCoastKids.com
Jimmy Johns Delivery Family. Photo: Fun4EmeraldCoastKids.com
The Stephens Family goes all out with their family pirate costumes!
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