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5 Exercises to Help Get Your Body Back After Pregnancy

This blog is sponsored by guest blogger, Fitness By Patty. We are thrilled to have her share how to get your body back after having a baby!

It's one of the most common questions I get asked.. "How can I tone up, lose my leftover baby-weight/fat?" We're all looking for the easiest, fastest way to seeing results, especially when you don't have (or don't make) the time you used to for yourself. And if it truly was as easy as just limiting our food intake and burning x amount of calories (like everyone tells us), then we would probably all have what we wanted. But the REAL truth is.. there is an actual strategy. A lot of moms will scroll through Instagram or Pinterest and find a cute pic with a list of exercises that has just the right tag-line to draw you in to believe these randomized exercises would guarantee you perfectly toned arms, or that firm peach shaped booty and super tight tummy. I can speak to this because I have hands on experience with a lot of ladies who have come to me for specific help, after they've tried "everything" and are frustrated because nothing has worked for them yet. When it comes to the (female) human body, of course there is not a one-size-fits-all answer to getting the look and shape you want. We are all made different (thankfully), and it is important to understand that our needs differ from those who want a hard body-builder look. The most important thing, in my opinion, is to feel confident in our your own skin, and know that you have made the right choices with exercises. You want to find the routine that helps you safely progress, feel strong and balanced, while reaping the extra rewards of the natural energy high and healthy glow the perfect workout can bring. 

Top 5 exercises to help shape up post-pregnancy:

There are so many great exercises and sequences to get you into your best shape, but since I know what it's like to be a busy mom with limited time in the day to squeeze in the things you know you should do (to take care of YOU), I've curated a top 5 list of bodyweight exercises that you can knock out anytime and it won't require you to take an extra trip to the gym. ;)Here is why I chose these particular exercises.. most women complain that their biggest 'trouble areas' are legs, butt, midsection, back and arms. These exercises work more than just one muscle group at a time, as I always love to include the balance component, and core activation for overall tightening and elevated calorie burning. These exercises will help to make you feel strong, powerful and confident, too! #winning

When it comes to leg exercises, I've noticed many women can easily work the fronts (quadriceps) but forget about (or don't know how to work) the back side (hamstrings).

*Perform like this if you have a pair of weights; if not, just use anything with some resistance, ie: your child works great, too.. very real-life and functional! ;) 
>>Doing compound exercises like this can help ramp up your heart rate, ie: bigger calorie burn, and more muscles are being worked simultaneously (time-saver).

* To increase the intensity, hold some resistance (ie: weights, a child, water jugs, etc..)>>This is a very functional everyday move, especially as a parent getting up and down from the floor with your littles.

>>Looks easy, but turns out to be a little deceiving, as it works many of the weaker postural muscles we all have from carrying loads in the front, slouching, and neglecting exercise to those areas.

* To lessen the intensity, this can be done from your knees in a modified plank position.>>This is a sure way to get your arms and abs to fire up immediately, and feel every muscle in your body tighten and tone.

*Pro Tip: To use this list as a workout circuit, perform exercises #1 - #3 for 15-20 reps and 2 - 3 sets (or rounds). Then, perform exercises #4 and  #5 for another 15-20 reps and 2 - 3 sets (or rounds). Of course before starting any new exercise routine, it is recommended to consult with your doctor, and if you have any particular injuries, health conditions, or lingering ailments, talk to your health care provider, or reach out to your trusted personal trainer at www.FitnessByPatty.com for specific advice or alternate modification options. 

About Fitness By Patty - Patty Soud, mom of 2, is one of Jacksonville's top rated personal trainers, and has been serving the local market for 15 years. She earned her bachelor's degree in Athletic Training from UNF and has worked with a wide variety of clients from the ages of 9 - 91! She operates out of a private studio in Neptune Beach and offers a range of different services in addition to personal, partner and group training. Her signature service is called Range of Motion (ROM) Stretch Therapy, and her custom Pool Training workouts are like none other! She is the author/creator of The Fit Body Way Nutrition Guide & Cookbook and has developed specific online fitness programs for busy individuals. Get yours by clicking here, and use special discount code: firstcoastkids for 10% off your purchase!

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