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Girvin Road Christmas Lights (Black Hawk Subdivision) In Jacksonville: A Guide to Viewing the Lights with The Family


It was the day after Thanksgiving so we headed east to view the Girvin Road Christmas Lights in the Black Hawk Subdivision. This is a true a holiday tradition for Jacksonville, Florida and The Beaches residents! We took a 6 month old and an almost 3 year old and since it was our first time in years, and in the dark, and in the cold, and around bedtime, and there are lots of cars AND families walking, we thought we'd post our tips and tricks to viewing the lights! Comment below on how you enjoyed the lights and where your favorite light displays are! For a list of almost 25 places to see Holiday lights, click HERE!


Tips and Tricks to Viewing the Girvin Road Christmas Lights (Black Hawk Subdivision) in Jacksonville, FL from www.fun4firstcoastkids.com!

1. Know Where You Are Going Before You Go. 

Directions: From west of Girvin: Take Merril Road/Ft. Caroline Road/McCormick Road/Mt. Pleasant Road (Depending on how far west you are coming from) to the east and head SOUTH on Girvin. If you've reached where the road turns into Wonderwood or go over Greenfield Creek, you've gone too far. 

From Atlantic Boulevard, head NORTH on Girvin Road.

Once on Girvin, you will see Christmas lights once you reach Yamasi Road. The Black Hawk Subdivision is on both sides of Girvin Road. Check both sides of Girvin Road as one side may have more lights up at first, but there are more and more lights the closer it gets to the holidays.

Drive around one side of the subdivision (one side is a loop, one is a culdesac) and then be careful as you cross Girvin and view the other side. Then do them both again if you'd like so the kids can see both sides from their side of the car! Both sides are less than a mile total and take about 20 minutes to view or longer depending on the number of cars. The night after Thanksgiving there were only a few cars, but there will be many more soon!

2. Give baths, have dinner, and get the little kids in jammies before you go! This sounds logical enough. But it gets dark early, so you have to plan ahead to have dinner ready and take baths early. We took baths and had a small dinner, turkey soup from leftover turkey, of course, at around 5pm-early! We left at 5:30pm just as it was getting dark so we could get there early before it was too busy. Having them clean, fed, cozy, and ready for bed in the car means the baby was sleeping during the lights and all the way home, there were no hunger melt downs from the preschooler while driving there, driving around, and driving home, AND the adults were happy with happy kids so all could enjoy the lights. And they are all fed and ready for bed when you get home-blam!

3. Drive SLOW. Families that are driving are looking at the lights and not necessarily looking at the road. Drive slow so you don't bump into the car in front of you. Also, families are walking/biking/wagoning/strolling to see the lights on the same road as the cars as there didn't seem to be side walks. Drive slow and be aware of kids in the road while driving.

4. Enjoy! It was so fun to hear, "Where are the Christmas lights, Where are the Christmas lights," the whole way and then finally see our preschooler looking both ways and saying, "Look! Look!," "There are lights in the plants," "Where are the white ones with deer, oh there!" She was so excited and her eyes were sparkling. She wanted to look for more on the way home and thought the Dames Point Bridge lights were Christmas lights. We had fun and viewing the lights off Girvin will definitely get you in the mood for the holidays! 

Have fun and we hope you enjoy the lights!




Check out our WHAT'S HAPPENING page on www.fun4firstcoastkids.com dedicated to HOLIDAY EVENTS, PLACES TO SEE SANTA, HOLIDAY LIGHTS, and CHRISTMAS TREE FARMS for families in Jacksonville and The Beaches! Happy Holidays!

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 First published November 28, 2014.

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Guest - Tammy on Friday, 26 December 2014 14:01

when is the last night of these lights

when is the last night of these lights

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