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Working From Home :: How to Harmonize Family and Business

We met Felicia Wright, with Mentoring Mamas a few years ago! We love our free membership to her group and she always posts encouranging quotes that come just when we are needing some encouragement. We are thankful she has provided this guidance for local moms!

As stay at home moms, Susie and I understand the drive to be with your kids, yet also contribute income to your family...and keep busy with something other than taking care of little ones! We started our business while Susie was pregnant with her first baby and I was pregnant with my second. We love working from home, but it can be difficult to balance working from home, cleaning, cooking and taking care of kids! There are hundreds of moms in Jacksonville that work from home, have side businesses, conduct direct sales businesses and more all while taking care of kids full or part time. So we turned to local Jacksonville mom, Felicia Wright, owner of Mygani marketing firm and creator of Mentoring Mamas, for help on how to balance home and work life. Mentoring Mamas is a group that helps other Mompreneurs grow their businesses and provide support for moms that are doing this with kids. She's a work from home mom, a military mom, and guru of ways to create income for her family while still spending time with her daughter, Savannah. Scroll down below as she offers tips and tricks to balance Mompreneur life!

1. Tell one interesting thing about you that someone wouldn't expect. When I was younger I wanted to be in the WNBA because I'm a daddy's girl and my dad loves basketball. However I'm uncoordinated, so that dream was short lived. #lol

2. How did you decide to start Mygani LLC as your own small business? Before graduating from college with my undergraduate degree in graphic design, I knew that I wanted to start my own business one day. But I also wanted to get work experience before branching out on my own. After working for 10 years in Corporate America and doing freelance projects on the side I launched Mygani. Since that time it has evolved into more than just a design company but also a marketing firm with a special focus on branding. I help entrepreneurs create a professional presence by aligning their personal brand with their company's brand through: consulting, facilitating workshops and developing visual design solutions.

3. What were some stumbling blocks you had when starting your own business? There have been many stumbling blocks along the way since I first started. I would say one of the main challenges for me was categorizing family and friends as potential clients. When you first start your business you want the support of those closest to you, but the reality is that they are more than likely not your target audience, so it's important you know the difference. You have to embrace a confident mindset, because there will be challenges. Use those challenges as fuel to move forward.

‚Äč4. How can moms balance being a mom wife and small business owner? I prefer to use the term finding harmony as opposed to balance. Everyone's situation is different and it's never a 50/50 experience. I encourage other mompreneurs to find what works for them and stick to that. Stop comparing yourself to others!

5. What is one piece of advice you would like to share with other mompreneurs? Always take time to invest in you. When you have confidence within yourself, you are a better person all around. A better mom. A better entrepreneur. A better YOU.

6. What support can mompreneurs expect from Mentoring Mamas? I started my business before I had my daughter. After having her, she was home with me the first two years and I wanted to get back into attending various business networking functions and meeting with clients. This proved to be a challenge with the baby. After doing some research and talking to other moms I launched my company's signature program Mentoring Mamas. I wanted to create a platform where moms who have their own business or were interested in starting one felt comfortable in an environment with other like-minded individuals. We have monthly meetings where we encourage and empower one another not only with our businesses, but personally as well. The program has three areas of focus: confidence, connections, and community. One of my main goals is to encourage moms to grow not only as parents and business owners, but as individuals.

7. We've noticed your promotion of natural hair for African American women and girls. Please share how you decided to go with natural hair and how moms can talk to their daughters about their hair. The decision for me to go natural was an organic one. After having my daughter I didn't want to sit in a salon for hours at a time, so over time I stopped getting relaxers in my hair. Over the last four years it has been a journey learning about different products, styles as well as benefits of not putting chemicals in my hair or my daughter's hair. I have always been a mentor at heart, so when I decided to start facilitating natural hair care workshops I knew it wouldn't just be about hair. It have an emphasis on instilling self-confidence in young girls and women. Naturally Confident = Being confident in yourself because YOU believe it, not based on what others think or say. Some people may think natural hair is "out of the box" for me. But for me natural hair speaks volumes and aligns with who I am as a brand. It's the importance of having confidence and believing in yourself in spite of society's norms. None of us are perfect and it's not always an easy road, but it's how we handle these things that gives us the strength to move forward.

8. What do you have coming up? On Saturday, October 15 from 10am - noon Mentoring Mamas will have our Mamas Brunch: Meet and Greet at Copeland's restaurant. This event is where mamas can enjoy fun, food and fellowship. We all have crazy schedules as mompreneurs and some of us have only connected via social media. We will also have swag bags with awesome gifts from several of the moms. Kids are welcome! Use code: FUN4 and get $5 off.

Do you have a local small business? Be sure to submit your business for FREE to the Mentoring Mamas website! There is no charge to have your website listed to help you market your programs. If you'd like to join the Mentoring Mamas group and Facebook group, email Felicia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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