Jax Cooking Studio Dining Etiquette for Older Children

  • When: Monday, August 2, 2021,  6:30 pm -  9:00 pm
  • Location: JAX Cooking Studio: 14035 Beach Boulevard Jacksonville, FL 32224
  • Cost: $60

Nothing says more about a person than his or her table manners. Whether dining at a fine restaurant, at home, or at a friend’s house, knowing proper manners and customs will make the experience much more enjoyable. In this class, children will learn and practice proper manners as they are served a chef-prepared meal. Some lessons include how to properly set a table, how to use each utensil, how to introduce themselves and their friends, how to shake hands, the importance of good posture, contributing to the conversation, cell phone usage at the table, replying to an invitation, and sending thank you notes. This class is intended for teens and young adults between the ages of 14 and 21.

Chilled Strawberry Soup
Dinner Roll with Butter
Mixed Greens Salad with Assorted Dressing Options
Grilled Chicken with Herb Pan Sauce
Macaroni and Cheese
Chocolate Mousse
Sparkling Apple Cider

$60 per teen/young adult


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