Weekend Jr Survivalist at Little Peeps Farmer for a Day

  • When: Saturday, December 3, 2022, 12:00 pm -  3:00 pm
  • Location: Little Peeps Farmer for a Day: Beach Blvd & St John's Bluff area, Jacksonville, Florida 32246
  • Cost: See website for pricing

We are so excited to be offering this class this year. We've offered it in years past during the week as a homeschool program, but never as a weekend class.
This is a drop-off program for children ages 7 and up (exceptions can be made for younger children who are able to handle the subject matter responsibly, like starting fires). We will be meeting monthly on Saturdays (most of the times it's the first Saturday of each month), from 12:00-3pm.
My Side Survivalist is a beginner's level survival class, for children ages 7 & up, based off the book "My Side of the Mountain."
We will read afrom the book, as we follow Sam Gribly's adventures. We will spend time learning and perfecting our fire starting skills, and working on similar projects as the book's main character. We will also work on knife handling skills, plant identification, shelter building, cooking with fire, and various other things. Each child will need to bring a fire starter and a pocket knife and be able to listen to, understand, and follow directions regarding both. We will go over safety rules constantly and the children are expected to follow those rules both inside and outside of class! There may be an extra material cost for one or more of the projects, but that will not be a frequent cost and I will let you know well ahead of time! Most projects will require items from nature that we forage and collect ourselves.
We will also be taking a group camping trip in the Spring (date to be decided on later). This camping trip will be over 1 night at a local campground. Here, the children will have a chance to put their survival skills to good practice and to explore/expand their personal boundaries. Being out in the woods, without parents, and over night is a big deal, and something they will take great pride in doing. More details on this adventure will be provided after the first of the year, including supplies needed and any related costs.
Payment for this program can be made all at once or in monthly installments due the 1st of the month, beginning in September. Because of the cost of the program being spread evenly over 9 months, families who do not pre-register may have a slightly different monthly payment due upon registration. A $100 deposit is required to reserve your space in the class. This deposit will go towards our camping trip.
The program cost for the year will be:
$350/yr for the first child
$300/yr for each sibling
This cost can be broken down into monthly payments:
$40/month for the first child
$ 35/month for each sibling
If you wish to pay per class, the cost will be $35/class. Payments are due on the 1st of each month, beginning in September and ending in May
Items needed:
fire starter
pocket knife with locking blade
rain jacket
book: My Side of the Mountain


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