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Empowerment Ranch

Empowerment Ranch

Empowerment Ranch is a non-profit agency located in Callahan, FL that is dedicated to bringing animals, nature and people of all ages and backgrounds together. It is our vision to EMPOWER you to become even better than you are today. Trail riding allows kids of all different backgrounds to come together with a common interest and learn that they are all more similar than they might realize.

At One with Nature
We have a variety of animals for people to come out and meet. 14 equines (12 Horses, 1 Mini-horse and a Donkey), Guinea Fowl, Dogs, Goats, a Mini Potbelly Pig, a Turkey and a Duck. Once joining our ranch these animals become accustomed to interacting with people and many of them love the attention that they get when people visit.

Not all families can afford to buy their own camping equipment or pay for the campsite rentals, and that is where Empowerment Ranch comes in. We supply tents and other camping equipment to the families as well as arrange for the campsite. Our camping trips usually include swimming, kayaking and nature walks as well as the traditional things like stories and songs around a campfire. Participants get to learn how to pitch their tent, start a campfire without matches using a flint stone, and if they are interested we will include crafts like creating dream catchers from materials found around the campsite.

Kayaking down the river is a great way for people to get exercise while enjoying the outdoors. We take groups of people kayaking to a variety of locations. Some locations incur a cost (for example Ichetucknee Springs) while others are a free event (Thomas Creek), but all of them allow participants to view wildlife in its natural setting. Paid and Free excursions are available.
Northside / NW Nassau County
46500 Royal Oaks Trail
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