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Empowered Journey Doula Services

Empowered Journey Doula Services

As your doula, I will empower you with unbiased information to help you make these decisions and will give you unconditional support. I provide support in all areas of parenting, from the decision to try and conceive to transitioning to a new baby in the home. I also provide bereavement support for miscarriage, pregnancy and infant loss, and abortion. In addition to informational support, I will provide emotional and physical support. Whether you need a comforting presence with you at your appointment, a hug when you’re scared, a listening ear when you have fears and questions, or just a place to vent. I’m your doula. I’ve got you. This is your journey and I’d be honored if you’d allow me to join you.

I work side by side with the midwives and doctors in the area to ensure you have a seamless birth, no matter what. I am experienced in home birth, birth center birth, hospital birth, cesarean birth, multiples/twins, and more. I can work with you from preconception and through infertility as well as during pregnancy, birth, and the 4th-trimester postpartum period. I provide placenta services including encapsulation, postpartum meal planning, blessingway/mothers blessing ceremony planning/execution, educational workshops, and will be offering childbirth education classes soon!
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