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Infinite Focus Photography

Infinite Focus Photography

My name is Madeline and I am the face behind IFP. When I started this journey, I never went out to grow a photography business. I was a mom with a camera who loved taking pictures of her kids and her friends' kids and needed a place to share them. Infinite Focus Photography was born. Before I knew it, I had quit my job (like a crazy person) and decided to pursue my hobby turned passion. Years later, second to marrying my husband and choosing to be a mom, THIS is the best decision of my life. I LOVE what I do. All of it. The unpredictable. The happy. The growth. The fact that I meet SO many new faces all the time and that these people trust me with their memories. I am so lucky and so thankful for all of the support and the opportunity to continue learning as Infinite Focus Photography grows.

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