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MOSH Little Learners

  • When: Wednesday, February 13, 2019,  9:30 am - 11:30 am
  • Location: 1025 Museum Circle Jacksonville, FL 32207
  • Cost: $6 per person (ages 3 & up)

Bring your little ones to MOSH the second Wednesday of every month for exclusive programming designed for preschool-aged guests. Our Little Learners group is designed with toddlers in mind and is very flexible. Due to the popularity of these events, we highly recommend you register in advance to guarantee your place. Please note, this program encourages child/caregiver interaction and requires one registered adult per two children. Doors open at 9:30 a.m. for private Museum exploration, followed by Little Learners circle time, programming, and community learning activities through 11:30.
Upcoming Programs JANUARY 9 Techy Tots In this day in age, to understand how computers work is to understand the world around you. Let your little one explore the basics of computer science through fun, interactive activities! FEBRUARY 13 I Heart Science! Let’s learn about one of everyone’s favorite organs—the heart! What is the heart? What does it look like? Where is it located? Join MOSH as we explore the answers to these questions and more. MARCH 13 My Own Backyard: Little Explorers! At MOSH, you don’t have to travel far away from home to become a fearless explorer. Bugs, plants, sometimes even animals— uncover the mysteries of what you can find in your own backyard! APRIL 10 My Mother, Earth Our planet is special in so many ways! Come celebrate Earth Month with MOSH and discover new things about animals, habitats, Earth’s cosmic neighbors, and more. MAY 8 My Friend, Moon What does the Moon do? Why is it there? Do other planets have moons? Let’s learn all about everyone’s night-sky friend: the Moon! JUNE 12 It’s great to be ME! Everyone is unique in their own special way! Each of us has unique families and ways of life. MOSH will be celebrating Pride Month by exploring some of those differences that make us so special through age-appropriate activities. JULY 10 Uh-Oh Dino: Jurassic MOSH! MOSH will be taken over by DINOSAURS! There are all kinds of cool things to discover about dinos together. We’ll dig up fossils; create our own dinosaurs to take home, and more! AUGUST 14 Storybook Adventures It’s back-to-school-season for the big kids, but your little one doesn’t have to be left out! Join MOSH as we go through some of Kid Lit.’s Greatest Hits! These will include timeless classics from Dr. Suess, Eric Carle, and more. SEPTEMBER 11 Little Astronauts: Space Explorers! Have you ever wanted to go to space? At MOSH, you can! Join us as we travel through the stars in our Bryan-Gooding Planetarium and explore other aspects of space through fun, interactive activities. OCTOBER 9 Get Spooky! Ring in the Fall Season at MOSH! We’ll be exploring spooky science in fun ways within our JEA Science Theater, enjoying a special spooky Circle Time, and more. NOVEMBER 13 Little Chemists! People think chemistry is just for big kids, but not at MOSH! Put on your chemistry hats with us as we explore the differences between chemical solutions and chemical mixtures, do some chemistry crafts, and even see a few chemical reactions in action. DECEMBER 11 Winter Wonderland It may not get very cold here in Florida, but other places on Earth are freezing! What are these places like? How do the humans there live? What kinds of animals like cold climates? Join MOSH as we answer these questions and more through fun activities. This program is extremely popular, please pre-register.


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