Michaels Kids Club Online: Kid Made Modern’s “Coolest Dad” Father’s Day Cards

  • When: Thursday, June 17, 2021,  5:00 pm -  6:00 pm
  • Location: Virtual Event
  • Cost: Free

I’m sure your dad is the ”Coolest” and you’ll want to let him know this Father’s Day! We will be crafting construction paper popsicle cards to be sure Dad knows just how cool you think he is. Adding pom poms, sequins, fuzzy sticks and wooden craft sticks to decorate your popsicle shaped cards, each popsicle can be unique and made personal just for Dad!

Recommended Age: All Ages

Skill Level: All Levels

• Construction Paper
• Wooden Craft Sticks (included in the Kid Made Modern Arts & Crafts Library)
• Scissors
• Marker
• Hot Glue
Optional Supply List: Samples use a variety of different supplies from the Kid Made Modern Arts & Crafts Library to make your popsicle special. • Small pom poms • Fuzzy Sticks • Sequins • Googly Eyes • Felt in various colors


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