Jr Beekeeping for Homeschoolers 2022-2023 at Little Peeps Farmer for a Day

  • When: Monday, December 5, 2022,  9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Location: Little Peeps Farmer for a Day: Beach Blvd & St John's Bluff area, Jacksonville, Florida 32246
  • Cost: See website for pricing

This is a very exciting program we are offering this year for children age 7 and up!
We plan on meeting every other week on Monday afternoons, 12:30-3pm, beginning in September, with each session including an informative lesson, follow-up activity and project. Children will learn all about bees, how to be a successful beekeeper, and get to make various products from our harvests such as salves, chapstick, beeswax wraps, pollinator seed bombs, candles, soap etc...

Returning students from last year will be building on their knowledge and skills this year, and taking on a bigger role with hive checks and getting more hands on with the bees. They will be doing a research project this year and even have the chance to accompany us to schools when we take the BEEschool on the road to area schools.

Beginning students will begin the year watching our hive checks from just outside of the hive yard and will move in as their confidence grows, with permission from parents and required safety gear. However, participation in these "hive checks" is not mandatory. Any child wanting this interactive experience with the hive will be required to purchase a bee suit, gloves and boots (ask me for details).

This past year was our first year offering this program and it was so exciting! The students were all so enthusiastic and excited. We had life provide us some lessons along the way that were not planned, but I always find those are the best types of lessons. Our only complaint from the children was that we only met once a month! haha! OK! We'll go for twice a month this year! lol

Cost: $560/year or $70/month
Monthly payments can be spread out into 8 equal payments, due on the first of the month beginning in October thru May. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to reserve your child's space in this program, and due at registration.

Photo: Little Peeps Farmers for a Day


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