Farmer for a Day Homeschool Group

  • When: Wednesday, November 22, 2023,  9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Location: Little Peeps Farmer for a Day: Beach Blvd & St John's Bluff area, Jacksonville, Florida 32246
  • Cost: See website for pricing

Held on a small urban family farm in Jacksonville. For the past 6 years, we have invited other homeschooling families to come and learn with us. Children in our homeschooling groups will have the chance to become a "Farmer for a Day!" We will learn how to treat each other, our animal friends and our plant friends with respect, compassion and care. We will learn how to properly feed and care for animals, insuring they have a happy and healthy life. We will learn about growing our own food and medicine, about growing native plants, and foraging wild and native plants. We will learn about organic gardening, hydroponics, permaculture, composting, natural pest control, food preservation, edible flowers... the list goes on and on. I've never seen kids so excited as when they grow and harvest their own food and then turn it into something they can enjoy. Stone soup, Solstice cookies, Dia de los Muertos tortillas, Kale chips, Loquat jam, Fig preserves, Elderberry jam, Herbal teas... these are just some of the things they may make. Children often take snacks straight out of the garden! Roselle hibiscus, Sugar snap peas, carrots and oranges are some of their favorites!

Our once a week homeschool group meets 9-12pm, once a week for a fee of $100/month ($900/yr).


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